Magnet Therapy, Notes and Resources
By Peter La Grasse, LMT
March 22, 2004


I believe Magnet Therapy to be a useful experimental modality that may speed healing and reduce pain while being essentially without risk of harm. (See reservation at end of article.) I choose to not sell magnets because I consider magnets to be part of the natural environment, similar to air, water, and gravity, a gift of God. Magnetic forces surround you and are a manifestation of the very essence of matter and energy.

In nature lodestones are natural magnets, and their unique magnetic quality have intrigued mankind for eons. Today we are blessed with readily available, very powerful small magnets that have revolutionized the ability to apply magnet therapy.

The broad extent of therapeutic benefit and the simplicity of application has led to justifiable skepticism: If it is too good to be true, it is likely not true. Still others have been burned by high priced, ineffective magnet appliances. Everyone comes to something new by a different, individual path. It has been my clients who have led me to magnet therapy, and it is my goal, only, to help others when it is possible to effectively treat a condition with a magnet.

Excellent published information related to the science and practice of magnet therapy and energy medicine is readily available. I recommend the following books.

Recommended Books:

Group 1: Foundation books exploring underlying scientific principles of energy medicine:

Becker, Robert O. and Gary Selden: The Body Electric, Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life, ISBN 0-688-06971-1 (1985, Quill, William Morrow, New York). Has index.

Becker, Robert O.: Cross Currents, the Perils of Electropollution, the Promise of Electromedicine ISBN 0-87477-609-0 (1990 Tarcher/Putnam, New York). Has index and references.

Oschman, James L.: Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis, ISBN 0-443-06261-7 (2000 Churchill Livingston.) Has through scientific references and index.

Group 2: Practical books of high quality and merit:

Hannemann, Holger: Magnet Therapy, Balancing Your Bodys Energy Flow for Self-Healing ISBN 0-8069-7378-1 (1983, 1990 Sterling Pub. Co, New York).

Rinker, Fred: The Invisible Force, Traditional Magnet Therapy, A Consensus of Practical Opinion ISBN 0-9681-900-0-6 (1997 Mason Service Pub, Canada 519-660-0491).

Null, Gary with Vickie R. Koestler: Healing with Magnets ISBN 0-7867-0530-2 (1998 Carroll & Graf Pub., New York). Excellent section of peer reviewed scientific studies, primarily of pulsed magnet therapy, has references.

Bansal, Dr. H.L.: Magneto Therapy Self Help Book ISBN 081-7021-55-0 (1976, 1994 B. Jain Pub LTD, 1921, Chuna Mandi, Street 10, Paharganj, New Delhi, 110055 (Book Code B 2574) ). Excellent but may be hard to acquire, has index and references.

Holzapfel, E; Crepon, P; Philippe, C.: Magnet Therapy, How to Use the Healing Power of Magnetism to sooth pain, steady the nerves, increase metabolic activity, treat a variety of ailments ISBN 81-7021-166-2 (B. Jain Pub. LTD same address as above, Book Code 2583). Excellent book, has index.

Group 3: Commonly available American Publishers:

Philpott, Willian H. MD et al Magnet Therapy, An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide ISBN 1-887299-21-1 (2000 Alternative Medicine. Com Books, Tiburon Calif.) Practical guide, has index and footnote references.

Lawrence, Ron, MD , Rosche, Paul J, MD, & Judith Plowden: Magnet Therapy, the Pain Cure Alternative, ISBN 0-7615-1547-X (1998 Prima Pub. P.O. Box 1260 BK, Rocklin, CA 95677 (916) 632 4400. Has index.

Owen, Lara: Pain Free With Magnet Therapy ISBN 0-7615-2086-4 (2000 Prima Pub. See above for address). Has index and footnotes.

Whitaker, Julian, MD and Adderly Brneda: The Pain Relief Breakthrough, The Power of Magnets ISBN 0-316-60193-4 (1998 Little Brown, Boston). Has index, end notes.

Payne, Buryl: Magnetic Healing, ISBN 0-914955-42-X (1997 Lotus Press P.O. Box 325 Twin Lakes, Wisconsin 53181).

Group 4: Material Sources:

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Redwing Book Co, is a source for many of the books listed above and others unlisted here.

Recommended protocol: One useful and simple way that I have evolved to use magnet therapy is to directly apply a North pole of a magnet to a muscle skeletal lesion. The magnet should be sufficiently powerful to effect the inflamed tissue. Estimating the distance from the lesion to the surface of the body, a magnet should be powerful enough to turn a needle of a compass at two to three times that distance. The convention is, the compass needle points to the North face of a magnet. The magnet should be used for three to five days, removed for two days, repeated two more times, and removed for a week before using again. If there is skin irritation where the magnet is taped, remove the magnet and try it attached to the outer surface of clothing instead. The magnet can be reused forever. One should verify the polarity of a compass by checking with the Earth's magnetic field because a compass can become reversed in polarity due to its proximity to powerful magnets.

Reservations: The opinions and information contained herein are not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or medical condition, and is not intended to replace the care of a medical doctor. Magnets may disguise signs and symptoms of serious medical conditions, delaying life saving intervention. You are cautioned to review your case with a duly licensed medical practitioner before resorting to the use of a magnet. This author is not responsible for any adverse effects caused by the use or misuse of magnets. This author is not financially connected with any of the books or products cited herein.

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